ignatov Program 1
F. Chopin Ballade N.4 in f-minor (Hassan)
F.Liszt Hungarian Rhapsody N.6 (Ibrahim)
H.and I. Ignatov “Sun and moon” (quarte-mains)

Program 2
F.Liszt Hungarian Rhapsody N.4 ( Ibrahim)
S. Rachmaninov Prelude op.23 N.7 in c-minor (Hassan)
F.Liszt La Campanella (Hassan)
H.and I. Ignatov “Celebration in Deliorman” (quatre-mains)

Program 3
F. Chopin Waltz op.64. N2 in c sharp- minor (Ibrahim)
S.Rachmaninov Prelude op.23 N.5 in g- minor (Ibrahim)
F. Chopin Polonaise op.53 in A flat-major (Hassan)
M.Ravel from Rhapsodie espagnole “Feria” (quatre-mains)

Program 4
F. Chopin Ballade N.4 in f-minor (Hassan)
F.Liszt Hungarian Rhapsody N.6 (Ibrahim)
H.and I. Ignatov “Sun and moon” (quarte-mains)

Hassan & Ibrahim Ignatov

I was born on 15.12.2003 in Shumen, Bulgaria.
With piano I have been dealing since 21.09.2011 with my piano teacher Marinela Marinova .
Later, until June 2018, I was student in the piano class of the famous Bulgarian piano pedagogue Maria Gineva in National School of Arts in Varna, Bulgaria. Until October 2019, I was a Jungstudent at Hochschule für Musik “Hanns Eisler”, in the piano class of Prof. Birgitta Wollenweber.
I am interested in musical works of European and world classics.
At the age of 11, I and my twin – brother, Ibrahim Ignatov, published our first collection of author’s /own works and at the age of 15 – our second collection of piano works. My enormous dream is to become a popular, world-famous pianist and to submit Bulgaria at world musical scenes.
I have presented Bulgaria many times in television shows, rich concert activity and prestigious competitions, both in Europe and abroad – the US, Russia, Malta, Poland, Turkey, Macedonia, Austria,
Germany, The Netherlands, United Arab Emirates, Bulgaria and others.

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